EasyRead | Time Teacher Watches & Clocks

2 days! That is all it took…and my eldest (who was struggling to tell the time) had nailed it! Telling the time like a pro and loved every second of the learning process.

The Wall Clocks and watches are super high quality and designed by an Aussie – two big ticks from us…

Watches:  High quality, good looking time teacher watches to help your child through the Primary School years.

All our watches come protected by bubble wrap inside their own individually coloured box. Instructions are included in 6 languages. EasyRead Children’s watches are guaranteed against faulty materials and poor workmanship for 12 months from the date of purchase.
N.B. Our watches are water resistant, but not guaranteed waterproof.  Do not immerse.

Clocks:  Ages 5-12.  Learn in 3 simple steps.  Tell the time in ‘minutes past and minutes to the hour’ 🙂 Fun for the whole family…

Wall Clock size:  29cm diameter

Classroom Clock size: 35cm diameter

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