Reusable Food Pouches

This amazing pouch is environmentally friendly, durable and reliable and is a quality food-grade pouch that’s free from BPA, PVC and Phthalate. It’s ideal for a wide range of uses, is cheap to buy and can be used over and over again and then recycled when you’re finished with it.
There are lots of families where both parents work and loads more that have single mothers. This makes it harder to ensure the children are properly catered for when it comes to consuming healthy nutritious food and drinks. My Lil Pouch takes much of the stress out of this situation because snacks and meals can easily be prepared ahead of time for their children and also themselves if desired. My Lil Pouch is ideal for youngsters of all ages as well as adults of any age.
Available in 100ml in clear and 200ml in clear, blue camo and pink camo
Also available are the new 100% silicone My Lil Pops – make your own calippo’s and icypoles at home. Reusable over and over again.

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