SAFE LACE - no more double knots!

When we first saw SAFE LACE, we LOVED them.  I simple device that holds your laces in place – no more double knots – however, it also allows the kids to still learn how to tie their laces.  WIN WIN!

  • Perfect for any laced shoe – Adults & Children
  • No more untied laces no matter what your day involves
  • A must have for School and Sport shoes
  • No dangerous tripping accidents
  • Making safety boots even safer for work
  • One tie for the day – laces stay locked all day
  • Footy boots with no more electrical tape
  • Run towards your PB without being interrupted by untied laces
  • Eliminate stoppages and time wasting in sports games
  • Made from durable silicone – tried and tested for durability

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